Beauty and Beast

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The merchant said, "Thank you Beauty. I am proud of you." The two other daughters said, "Father, we can not do housework. Our hands will get red and rough. We can not live in the country. We will never find husbands. We will never marry farmers. The merchant was sad, because his two other daughters were unhappy. One day the messenger came to the merchant again. He said, " Sir some of your ships have been found. They drifted up on the shore after the storm" The merchant was excited. He told his children, " I will go to the other city. I will look at my ships. Perhaps we are no longer poor!" The merchant rode out of the city, and through the woods, Soon the sun set. It was dark, and it began to rain. The merchant was lost in the forest! He became very tired. His horse was tired. too. He was hungry. His horse was hungry, too Suddenly, the merchant saw a light. He rode toward it. The light shone from a great castle. The merchant got off his horse. He knocked on the castle gate. Nobody answered. He called out, "Is anyone there?" Nobody answered. The castle gate slowly opened. A voice said, " Come in." The merchant walked into the castle. He looked around. He did not see anyone. A door opened. The same voice said "Go in. Put on dry clothes!" The merchant walked into the room. Handsome clothes were lying on the bed. He put them on. Another door opened. The voice said. "Go into the other room. Eat the good food" The merchant went into the other room. He saw a table. There were many dishes of wonderful food on it. The merchant enjoyed the very wonderful dinner. Then he walked from room to room. He searched for the owner of the castle. He couldn't find him. Then he heard the voice again. It said. " Don't be afraid. Go to the bedroom.Sleep! continue your trip tomorrow." The merchant went to the bedroom. He went to bed. The next morning the sun was shining. He went into the dining room. Breakfast was on the table. Still the merchant waw no one. He put some money on the table. He wanted to pay for the food and the room. The voice spoke loudly. "I don't want your money. Go!" The merchant said, " Thank you, oh Voice. Thank you for being so kind." Nobody answered. The merchant walked out of the castle. His horse was waiting for him. His horse looked well-fed, clean, and dry A lovely rose bush grew beside the path. The merchant thought of Beauty. He picked a rose to give to her. lnstantly he heard a loud roar. A horrible beast stood beside him. The Beast was wearing fine, handsome clothes, It said, "I gave you food and shelter. You stole my rose. I will kill you!" "Please, no."said the merchant. " I must go home to my children. I must care for my children." He told the Beast about his children and about his trouble. The Beast said, " You may go on one condition. You must sent your youngest daughter to me. She must live here in my castle." " Never!" exclaimed the merchant. " You must," said the Beast, " or you will never see your children again" The merchant bowed his head. He was terribly unhappy. He rode home. The merchant told his children about the Beast. He said " I can not send Beauty to the Beast. I will go back to the Beast's castle." "No," said his sons, " we will take your place. We will go to the Beast's castle." The other two daughters said, " No Father you must take care of us. Send Beauty to the Beast. The Beast asked for Beauty." Beauty said, "Father, let me go to the Beast. The beast asked for me. You must take care of the family. My brothers must help you. My sisters are not strong, I am strong. I will go." Sadly, the merchant agreed. The next day he led Beauty through the forest. They came to the castle. The merchant knocked on the castle gate. The gate opened. They heard the Beast's voice. The Beast said, " Merchant, you are a good man. you keep your promises. Now go. I will take good care of Beauty." The merchant left the Beast's castle. Beauty began her new life. She did not have to work. She played the piano. She painted pictures. She walked in the garden. Every evening after dinner the Beast appeared. They played checkers. Sometimes the court orchestra played music for them. Sometimes they walked in the garden. One evening the Beast asked Beauty to marry him. Beauty answered sadly, " I am sorry, I can not marry you. I do not love you" The Beast looked very sad that night. Every night after that the Beast asked Beauty to marry him. Every night Beauty refused. Then one night the Beast said to Beauty, " your father is very sick. You must go to him. I will allow you to go for ten days. Then you must come back." Beauty went to her home. She took care of her father. After ten days her father was well. Her brothers said " Beauty, stay here a little longer. We missed you. Stay with us for a while." Beauty couldn't refuse. She stayed longer. After another ten days she said, " I must return to the Beast. He was very good to me. I promised to return. I must return to him." Beauty left her family. She cried while she rode through the forest. At the castle she knocked on the gate. The gate opened, she called the beast, but there was no answer. She searched everywhere. Finally she found the Beast. He was lying on the ground in the garden. He looked very sick. His eyes were closed. " Oh Beast," cried Beauty, " you are sick!" She knelt beside him. She put her arms around his neck. She kissed his eyes. Suddenly the beast disappeared. A handsome prinde tood beside Beauty. She was amazed. The Prince said " Thank you Beauty for loving me even though I was so ugly. A witch made me a beast. The witch said someone must love me. Then I could be a prince again. Will you marry me? So the prince and Beauty were married and lived happily ever after. The prince helped Beauty's father. He helped her brothers, too. He did not like her sisters, but he helped to find husbands for them.


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